Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom vanity units are one of the easiest, fastest, and most satisfying bathroom remodeling projects you can take on.


Exaggeration?  Hardly.  When you compare them to kitchen base cabinets, you’ll see just how easy they are.


  • Top and Sink Included:  Many bathroom vanities are bundled with an included top and sink. All you need to do is add the fixtures and hook up the plumbing.  Some even come paired up with fixtures.  Not only that, the tops are pre-drilled for easy insertion of the fixtures.
  • Often Free-Standing:  Free-standing bathroom vanity units only need minimal installation. A few screws into the studs behind the unit to stabilize it, and you’re good to go.
  • Easily Shippable:  Most bathroom vanities are flat-packed, shipped flat, and easily transportable.  They can even be ordered on-line.  Shipping costs for these small units are minimal compared to shipping cabinets for an entire 10′ x 10′ kitchen.
  • Scalable In Predictable Sizes:  Bathroom vanities start at 24 inches and can even scale up as big as 60 inches wide–that’s wide enough to accommodate two separate sinks.  48 inch bathroom vanities, while not wide enough for two sinks, will accommodate large sink basins.  While not practical for one person to wrestle, 72 inch wide vanities are available, too.
  • Money-Saving:  Labor charges for installation?  How does zero dollars sound?  The hardest part is assembling the vanity.  Installation is a snap.  Cutting out labor changes means you have more money to spend on other parts of your bathroom remodel.  I estimate that roughly half of the cost of a professionally-installed bathroom vanity is devoted to labor.


Bath Vanity Common Sizes


About 22″.  By “depth,” we mean, if you are standing at the sink, the distance from the back wall to the front edge of the counter.


About 34″.  Like depth, this measurement rarely varies.


Vanities can be as small as two feet wide–barely big enough for the sink–to behemoths that are 6 feet wide that can accommodate two sinks and acres of counter space.

The scaling:

  • 24 Inch
  • 30 Inch
  • 36 Inch
  • 48 Inch
  • 60 Inch
  • 72 Inch