Bathroom With These Decorating Ideas

This homeowner is maintaining this bathroom’s classic, traditional feel with an acrylic claw-foot tub. Note the side-mounted fixture–a feature to help save space and let the bather stretch out all the way.


Why go with the typical wimpy, translucent “bathroom window” when you can install a full-size double-hung or casement window to further push the “classic” envelope? Not only that, but installing a real window allows for fresh air (cutting down on your reliance for noisy bathroom fans) and gives you a convenient ledge for magazines or votives!

A skylight in the shower? Why not? Unless you’re worried about jets at 32,000 feet seeing you in your birthday suit, a skylight over the shower or bath is a great way to bring in natural light–and to naturally mitigate any mold and mildew growth.


This bathroom incorporates a framed-glass shower at the end of the room, allowing light from two directions. The cantilevered bathroom cabinet gives the impression that it is “floating” several inches off the ground, and the white marble bathroom counter further maximizes light.